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Poker Jackets

One thing that's great about winning at poker is that, in addition to the cash you rake, you can pick up some cool stuff in the process of becoming a winning poker player.

The ultimate expression of the free gear that poker winners acquire is the Poker World Series bracelet; some pros say getting ahold of that bracelet is more important than the money involved, which can be in the millions of dollars.

But there are many other things you can win through poker besides just bracelets. For example, you can win jackets. Jackets are a common but still satisfying gift for casino winners. These are nice heavy embroidered leather jackets that memorialize your victory in a tournament.

Getting one of those jackets is a very pleasurable experience that makes tournament poker in an onsite cardroom look appealing as opposed to home games where it's just cash pots. It's like you got put on varsity and you are remembering all the work you put in on the JV team.

The Best Thing about a Nice Poker Jacket

The best thing about a nice poker jacket that you win in a tournament is that it keeps you warm. Especially if you live in a cold area, the warmth this kind of leather jacket can provide offers a great way to stay comfortable in any weather while also looking stylish.

The importance of the warmth factor is not just about physical warmth, of course. Rather, the status of the jacket is entirely dependent upon it fulfilling the basic task of a nice jacket. Some of these cheap leather jackets handed out by budget casinos are embarrassingly unwearable.

But if you come out in the winter's coldest snow in a legit poker jacket with a big old championship stamp on the back of it, whoever is playing in your game that day is on alert to give you some respect.

You may be able to then use that respect to gain an advantage that day.

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Jackets Indicate Your Ascension to Championship Status

But by far the most valuable thing about a nice poker jacket that you won is that it shows that you have achieved championship status. So many other people will never feel the weight of that leather upon their shoulders, you are now in a rarefied air.

Even if it's a relatively small local tournament, you are still going to find yourself having to beat the best players there that day if you want to wear that jacket.

To be able to beat everyone in the room takes gumption, smarts, and luck. How many people have enough of all three of those to beat 50 other people at the game of poker, winning hands over a lengthy time period, beating the best players in the room for the money and the power?

Once you've tasted that championship style of competition in the game of poker, it's like an inert object that is suddenly rolling swiftly: you're in motion, and this thing just might snowball. This momentum effect is well-known to everyone who plays poker for real money.

Ironically though, the capturing of a couple tournament winner poker jackets can actually work to your disadvantage when you go back to playing with friends or playing online poker. Even at the higher limit tables, the professionalism you now embody will be regularly and thoroughly attacked by poker players looser than Octomom's vagina, just plain maniacs.

When you get bad beat at tables like these, your championship jacket is cold consolation. It's so bad, they don't know any math, they play wrong, and you suddenly want no part of it.

In that sense (and others), there is a certain loneliness that may afflict poker champ jacket-wearers.

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