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Why Poker Site Reviews Are a Must Read

Poker reviews enable new and experienced players alike to make informed decisions about where to play poker. When you are playing poker online, reading poker reviews is a big fast must. Many poker sites are subpar and problematic or may even outright rip you off. aspires to help you choose a poker environment that is suitable to your goals. In order to provide this service, we review poker sites according to five major criteria:

1. Ease of Use

When you read the poker reviews at, you'll see that the first criteria we use to evaluate online poker websites is ease of use. This is the section where we tell you about the poker software reliability, the look and feel, and the ease of use for beginning players.

Although poker remains a people game even online, it is necessary that you play poker online with reliable software that enables you to get into games easily and with complete confidence. Poker is a slow enough game sometimes without adding in a bunch of technical problems.

Ease of use is a big benefit of some poker sites, and a big downside to others.

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2. Reputation and Security

The second area that we look at when writing poker reviews has to do with the reputation and security measures employed by various poker sites. There have been a few scandals with online poker sites and we strive to make sure that none of our readers experience these problems.

One way to avoid being ripped off is by noting which companies have the most to lose by ripping off customers. This is why, when we are developing our poker reviews, we mention the size and prestige of the poker site we're talking about.

The more they have to lose by losing customers, the less sense it makes for a poker site to put up schemes that, if discovered, could lead to a mass exodus of their customer base.

Poker reviews should help you know that you are playing poker in a secure environment where your credit card, email, and address information will not end up in the wrong hands.

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3. Customer Service

One aspect of online poker reviews that is often ignored is the customer service. However, if you are planning on playing for real money on a poker website, you definitely should be seeking to play at a poker site that gives strong customer service and support.

Luckily, there are many poker sites that provide terrific customer service, allowing players to reach casino staff by email, telephone, and live chat. If you are seeking help with a deposit or withdrawal issues, have questions about house rules, or want to suggest improvements to the site, you will appreciate the high level of access that customer-focused poker sites take pride in.

But it's not all about problem-solving. Excellent customer service in a poker website also means being proactive about improving your experience as a customer. For example, offering you free videos about how to play poker, or alerting you to upcoming tournament opportunities.

Any way you slice it, good customer service is the unsung hero of the truly great poker websites.

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4. Bonuses Paid

Lest we forget (but of course we never would), our poker reviews tell you about where the best bonuses can be had. If you want to get the biggest poker site sign up, loyalty, and tournament bonuses, you will definitely want to read poker reviews where you can compare bonus offers.

If there is an extra $100 out there for the taking, or a $700,000 bad beat jackpot bonus that keeps low limit games interesting, you need to know about that stuff and that's why we tell you about that stuff. Bonuses are, well, a big bonus when playing online poker.

Beyond that first sign up bonus, poker reviews hope to give you an idea of which websites value your business enough to give you some love for continuing to play. We mean come on, these sites are cleaning up off those $2 rakes, so they can afford to share.

The best poker website bonus structures repeatedly reward loyal players, rather than simply matching your initial deposit and then never bonusing you ever again.

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5. Ease of Deposit & Withdrawal

Some poker sites give you 20 ways to deposit your money, but then two ways to withdraw your money and plus they charge you a fee and take a long time to get your money back to you. These are the kinds of sites that we mercilessly skewer in our poker reviews.

The ability to easily and quickly make deposits is vital. Especially if you are an American player struggling with nebulous, constantly changing bank regulations, you want to work with a poker site that can accommodate your need to avoid all bank processing hassles.

That being said, all the deposit processing prowess in the world is worth precisely nothing if you, the customer, cannot get your money out of a site as easily and quickly as is humanly possible. Painful and slow withdrawal processes are unacceptable and we hate them. poker reviews tell you which sites allow you to take profits when you have them, rather than trying to make you jump through ten flaming hoops in order to get your earnings.

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Poker Reviews Do the Work For You

Yes, you could personally go out and test the ease of use, reputation and security, customer service, bonuses paid, and ease of deposit/withdrawals for hundreds of online poker sites.

However, if you prefer to spend your time earning money playing poker, please feel free to take advantage of the many, many hours of grunt work we've done to thoroughly review a wide variety of poker websites, each of which has strengths and weaknesses.

At their best, poker website reviews can actually add to your earning potential by pointing you in the direction of online poker rooms that meet your specific needs as an individual player.

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