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The Best Thing About Online Poker

The best thing about online poker is that many, many people feel free to play more badly online than they might in person at a casino.

Here's the logic behind that argument:

The Embarrassment Factor

Playing poker in-person means that you must face the prospect of being publicly humiliated. In fact, avoiding embarrassment is a primary motivation for many poker players.

Heck, avoiding embarrassment is a primary motivation for many human beings, no matter if they're playing poker or walking to the corner grocery store.

When you think about how many people in this world can barely go outside of their house, let alone go into a public forum where hot gazes are constantly burning a hole in your forehead, you can understand why traditional cardrooms repel many newbie poker players.

Meanwhile, and ironically, those poker players who are afraid of being embarrassed but do nonetheless make it to the casino to play in-person poker often play better because they're scared of being embarrassed than they would if they were not afraid of being publicly humiliated.

When you're playing online, by contrast, it is much more difficult to point and laugh at you when you play Pocket Jacks like they're Pocket Aces (which they aren't). It's much easier to save face when no one can see your face.

And that's one major factor that makes online poker rooms an fertile hunting ground for poker sharks.

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Home Alone

Another major factor that you've got to consider, if you're looking to not lose and instead win money playing online poker, is what being home alone can do to people.

If you've ever been home alone, especially home alone gambling on the Internet, you know that the way you act when you're home alone, especially home along gambling on the Internet, is potentially quite different from how you might act in a public setting.

Home alone behavior has the distinct potential to be uniquely unproductive, even heinous.

The behavior of people that are home alone gambling on the Internet, for instance, is often questionable or perhaps depraved. When you're at an online poker table, you're likely sitting with a dude that just jacked off five minutes ago and/or has not been outside in days, maybe weeks.

Sorry to put it so bluntly but it's the truth: if you spend a lot of time home alone gambling on the Internet, you have a golden opportunity to develop some serious personal weaknesses. Anyone who says that isn't the truth either doesn't know what they're talking about or is lying.

As you also know if you've "been there," personal weaknesses translate directly into poker weaknesses. The home alone factor in online poker thus helps to create weak poker players.

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How to Get Money in Online Poker

The key to getting money in online poker is the same as getting money in any other poker game: you must identify the weak players and exploit them mercilessly.

In person, face-to-face, expert poker players can judge an opponent's skill and acuity through the traditional reading of body language, habits, and analyzing hands played.

Online, poker experts employ software that alerts you when, for instance, someone had the nuts and didn't bet, or has been losing thousands of dollars in online poker over the past six months. This type of data can be obtained by utilizing poker tracker software.

Before you can exploit weak players, you must find them.

Luckily, in online poker, there is no shortage.

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